• Francois Louis Signature S155 Spectruoso Soprano Saxophone Mouthpiece Spere Chamber - SGSASP
  • Francois Louis ULSSXL01PB Pure Brass Ligature Brass Soprano Saxophone XL
  • Francois Louis ULSSXL02PB Silver Plated Pure Brass Ligature Soprano Saxophone XL
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    S155 is a 1.55 mm tip opening (61/00") equivalent to the traditional "6" opening.
    Combined with a medium facing length and a progressive facing curve. Very stable with enough flexibility to vary sound colors, fast response.
    - Best fit with 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 reeds, Jazz cut as well as Classical cut.
    A great new composite material, the "Grounds" that brings up the roots of the vibration. Inspired by the determination of finding a modern material that resonates like wood, with absolute consistency and more focus. Let me tell you, it does vibrate !
    To enjoy your mouthpiece at its best, clean it regularly using a soft tooth brush and mild dish soap. Composite materials are sensitive to solvents, avoid using any.
    Resonance has been privileged. Although stronger than hard rubber the "grounds" is not an unbreakable material. Care for your mouthpiece gently to get the most out of it.

    The "Spectruoso" is a baffled mouthpiece. It is available in two different chambers:

    • The Sphere Chamber                 coupe SP

      Is the "replica" of the original Francois Louis® mouthpieces. It offers an unbelievable dynamic range with a full and rich sound color from the pianissimo to the most powerful fortissimo. It really conveys the air you blow into sound, with an enormous efficiency and a total spectrum of harmonics. Highs, Mids and Lows: dark and bright altogether with a rich medium color. For those who love to use sound colors the way painters do.
    • The Medium Large Chamber           coupe ML

      Is an Ogival, more traditional type of chamber. It offers quite the same advantages of dynamics with more separation in the spectrum between highs and lows. A more airy sound with a lot of bounce. The perfect mouthpiece for "Hard Bop" style. Reminiscent of the sound of the 50's, playing with the efficiency of the best "modern" mouthpieces.