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Sax Dakota USA SDT-1200 Satin Silver Plated Professional Tenor Saxophone
  • Sax Dakota USA SDT-1200 Satin Silver Plated Professional Tenor Saxophone
  • Sax Dakota USA SDT-1200 Satin Silver Plated Professional Tenor Saxophone
  • Sax Dakota USA SDT-1200 Satin Silver Plated Professional Tenor Saxophone
  • Sax Dakota USA SDT-1200 Satin Silver Plated Professional Tenor Saxophone
  • Sax Dakota USA SDT-1200 Satin Silver Plated Professional Tenor Saxophone
  • Sax Dakota USA SDT-1200 Satin Silver Plated Professional Tenor Saxophone
  • Sax Dakota USA SDT-1200 Satin Silver Plated Professional Tenor Saxophone
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    Tenor sax performers will love how smooth the action is with the left hand pinky plateau table. It's smooth, solid and fast for players looking for optimum response. Sleek double key arms coupled with solid stainless steel rods guarantee instant pad closure action. Its exceptional 6.26" graduated large bell design will carry every note to every listener in the room!
    • Rose Brass Body, Bow, Bell, and Neck
    • Matte Silver Plated Finish on Body, Bell, Bow, and Neck
    • 24kt Gold Plated Keys, Guards, and Trim
    • Graduated Over Sized Bell - For a BIG large sound and an extra kick on those roaring low notes
    • Blue Steel Needle Springs
    • Front F Key
    • High F# Key
    • Tilting Spatula Keys - For smoother easier playing of the bell notes
    • Triple Tempered Black OxideTapered Pivot Screws
    • Genuine Mother of Pearl Key Pearls
    • Hand Engraving
    • Ergonomic Key Design
    • Adjustment Screws on Vital Key Areas
    • Custom Solid Wood Case with Tweed Covering, Tan Trim, and Brass Trim

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    Five Years from Date of Purchase on All Parts And Labor and Six Months from Date of Purchase on the finish

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    Hi Pete

    I purchased the tenor and an alto and decided to give it a serious shot. It's been a year since my purchase and I am very satisfied with the horns for lots of reasons. The tuning is very good but not rigid like some models from a leading brand from Japan. The altissimo notes are incredibly easy to play clearly, and even the troublesome G# and Bb respond better than the Selmers I have owned. I remember owning two or three Keilwerths over the years and the altisiomo G# and low Eb were always a nightmare. The Sax Dakota gives you a free blowing low Bb all the way up the scale of the horn and it is easy to control without any unwanted resistance. The Sax Dakota is the very definition of a player’s horn. It lets you whisper on a ballad or even sub tone and will accommodate you playing modern funk jazz and everything else in between. The tone is so fat, you get what so many modern horns don't give you and that’s “FEEDBACK”. You can hear the tone of the horn from behind and feel the vibration. This is truly inspiring. The construction and durability of these saxophones is second to none. The materials used for this horn, especially the rods and keys will most definitely keep the horn in regulation. As I said, no saxophone is perfect. But the Sax Dakota is a battle tested instrument that sounds as good as it is built and is a better value sound wise than any horn twice the cost. And, to all your players out there….get your head out of the past. These horns are worth trying.

    Rich Maraday


    Your Dakota Soprano Sax came yesterday; the UPS guy delivered it just as I was walking out the door for a gig. I blew a few notes through it and decided to play it on the job. It was great. I was very pleased. I've tried a lot of new horns in recent years, and while almost all of them have something good about them, there's something about yours that I just dig the most. A big part of it is the shallow key cups, I think. There's a percussive sureness to the fingering that really benefits my playing. I would recommend one of these to anybody (indeed, I have). Last month I reviewed a new soprano from a major manufacturer, and while it's a good horn, I like this one much better. And for the money, there's no contest, although, if you offered me my choice of either, I'd take yours in a heartbeat. I could really see myself playing your horns exclusively. Besides being great instruments, I just love the distinctive look. I think the unique design/finish--as well as the unusual look of the straight alto and tenor, one or both of which I crave--could really help with my branding.


    Chris Kelsey N.Y. Sax Artist/Clinician

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    Overall Customer Rating of 12 Reviews:

    Superb Horn

    I bought the Sax Dakota SDT-1200 in Satin Silver back in June 2016, and let me just how great this horn really is. I tested various horns from all the big brands Keilwerth, Yamaha, P. Mauriat, Cannonball, etc. This horn plays just as good as any of the top brands. I'm willing to say even better than the top brands. The horn has very smooth action, free-blowing, and a nice center tone. It is definitely a performers horn, not recommended for classical, but if you do jazz, funk, R&B, rock, gospel, etc this is the horn for you.

    Best Price

    The 10% off coupon makes the best price anywhere for Dakota saxophones. Great Service, fast shipping.

    Fast Shipping

    Order on Sunday night and received it on Tuesday. That's Fast shipping for Free Shipping. Very Impressed with Hornsales. My New Sax Dakota Tenor looks and plays perfect

    Demo Model as good as a New one

    I purchased a Demo model from at a huge savings. It is suppose to have something wrong with the finish, but I can not find anything wrong with the finish. All eh pads seal, and everything is perfect. I even called them to make sure they sent me the right sax. This was an incredible deal, Thanks Hornsales.

    Great Service

    I purchased a Sax Dakota form because there were no local dealers in my area. When I received my saxophone it had several issues not caused by shipping. There were intonation issues, keys not closing properly and it was barely playable. I was horrified. I immediately contacted They contacted Sax Dakota who sent be a call ticket for UPS and sent me another sax out. This one arrived perfectly and had no issues. I am very happy with my Sax Dakota and with