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Phaeton PHT-2031 Brushed Brass Professional C Trumpet
  • Phaeton PHT-2031 Brushed Brass Professional C Trumpet
  • Phaeton PHT-2031 Brushed Brass Professional C Trumpet
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    Once in a life time, a new and revolutionary product exceeds the designer’s expectations!
    Phaeton has earned this honor.
    This new dynamic line of trumpets exudes both neo-classic art design coupled with
    state-of-the-art metallurgy and up-to-date acoustic technology.
    These exceptional professional trumpets were designed to satisfy every performance need
    of a working artist.
    Exceptional Intonation, crisp resonance, ideal balance, focused projection and enhanced
    valve action are examples of the visionary thinking of the engineers who collaborated to
    make this custom trumpet a reality.
    We’ve raised the bar for trumpet quality with Phaeton finishes, bracing, fast taper lead-pipe
    and ideal weighted balance. When you couple these exciting features with our ‘short stroke’
    piston design, you now have a trumpet that rivals all others in the market.



    kg/2.55 lbs

    Bell: One

    Piece Solid Brass

    126mm/ 4 7/8” w/soldered bell wire ring

    Receiver: Mid Weight Solid Brass
    Lead Pipe: Fast taper design

    Bore: ML 11.68mm/.460”
    Slides: Reverse tuning. Outside Brass/inside Solid Nickel Silver
    Springs: Enclosed Bronze barrel design
    Pistons: Short Stroke Monel w/Red Brass ports.
    Bracing: Virgin Yellow Brass
    Valve Caps: Heavy Weight
    Finger Buttons: Heavy Weight Machined Brass
    Finish: Antiqued Brushed Brass

    The Manufacturer warranties this item for

    Five Years from Date of Purchase on All Parts And Labor


    Six Months from Date of Purchase on the finish

    The Guys over at Phaeton horns have come up with an unbelievable horn at an unbelievable price! I love the responsiveness, ease of play in every range and dynamic level, and the even tone of the horn.
    Since picking up the 2030 model, I've been able to effortlessly play in multiple settings with GREAT success. And to top things off, it's a great looking instrument. From the finishes to the bracing to the overall floating design of the finger hooks, my horn has turned many heads from the studios to the stage.
    So if you are looking for a great looking horn, a great playing horn, and an affordably priced horn to take you to the next level, Phaeton has just the right product for you!! As an in-demand recording artist and touring musician, I heavily recommend the Phaeton horns for players of every level and setting.

    Melvin Jones
    Recording Artist - Turnaround Records

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