How to choose the correct size Knilling Perfection Planetary Peg for your violin,viola, or cello.

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How to choose the correct size Knilling Perfection Planetary Peg for your violin,viola, or cello.

Knilling Perfection Planetary Pegs are one of the most revolutionary innovations for violin, viola, and cello.  They allow every one form absolute beginner to professional musician to quickly and easily tune their instrument with the greatest ease. They are available in multiple styles and sizes to suit almost every need.  However it is important before ordering a set for yourself, that you determine the appropriate size diameter peg for your instrument.  

The best solution is to take your violin,viola or cello to a luthier experienced with installing Knilling Perfection Planetary Pegs. They can determine the correct diameter pegs for you and help with installation.  Knilling highly recommends having these tuners installed by an experienced luthier or repair technician.  

To determine the correct size yourself you will need a measuring device accurate enough to measure the diameter of a circle in millimeters.  Knilling Perfection Planetary Pegs are available in the following sizes:


As you can see from the chart, accurate measurements are essential.

Remove all 4 pegs form your instrument.  Be sure to lay them aside in a way that you know which peg goes back where.  Not all pegs and pegs holes in an instrument are exactly the same.
Do not measure the pegs.  The size peg you need is determined by the hole in your peg box.  
You will notice that the holes a peg go through are two different diameters.  Measure the internal diameter of the larger hole for each peg.  
Since there are likely to be differences between the four holes you measured, use the largest measurement.
You will need the Knilling Perfection Planetary Peg set that is slightly larger then the largest measurement.

For example:
You measurements are:

You would need the 8.5mm set.

For more information and to view the complete selection of Knilling Perfection Planetary Pegs available be sure to visit

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