Save 10% on all Takt Conducting Batons and Cases

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Save 10% on all Takt Conducting Batons and Cases 

Takt Paint Shop Conducting Batons
Takt Paint SHop Series Conducting BatonsEvery TAKT Baton is precisely handbalanced to give the feeling of apparent weightlessness. Careful balancing combined with light weight (7-12 grams) gives superb lightning fast response.

The DIrector Series features the finest exotic hardwood handles which are inlaid with mother of pearl. The handles are glossy polished and the shafts are a brilliant white.

The Paint Shop series offer you a choice of bright colors to express yourself. You can choose colored handles or colored shatfs
Takt Conducting Baton CaseThe Takt Conducting baton cases are available in either a cotton or leather covering. These cases can accomodate either 2 or 4 batons up to 15 inches.

Takt Batons and case are perfect for any director, student or as a gift.

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