Why Brian Evans Uses Gard Gig Bags

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1My Gard wheelie represents the culmination of a very important search for the perfect product. For my purposes, Gard Wheelies fit the bill. Immediately I was struck by the luxurious leather and the sleek, stylish design. Internally, the Gard embraces my trumpets in rich, thick padding which creates an impression that the bag actually cares for the horns.

The flexibility of the wheelie is not confined to the fact that it combines an airline carry-on style wheeled bag, with backpack facility. The infinite internal arrangements make the bag capable of handling any situation. It is truly a bag for all seasons too. The cleverly arranged raincoat, which so unobtrusively hides within the outer lining, can be quickly brought into use to repel the strongest Sydney storm.

The wheelie’s generous wheels are a perfect foil for the cobble-stoned forecourt of the Sydney Opera House too. The upright, front loading arrangement, with its smaller footprint, is also a great space saver in the Opera Theatre pit. The specially designed accessory bag, created so well by Talwar Bros. based on my suggestions, allows me to have all my needs – pencils, mouthpieces etc at my fingertips whether at rehearsal of in the opera House pit, with no need to rummage around in the main case. Lighter weight version prototypes have allowed me to travel more easily on today’s airlines with their draconian weight and dimension specifications for carry-ons. The support I have received from Vijay and his team has been invaluable to me and demonstrates how much they really care for the comfort of the serious musician.

Of all its great features, the wheels are the ones that should sell this great product. Anywhere we play our trumpets, we can experience more stresses and tensions than we would like and it is a great comfort to know that my Gard Wheelie will help take care of at least one of those tensions by eliminating the shoulder and arm strain that can occur when hauling a bag full of trumpets using a handle or shoulder strap. I arrive at work fresher and more relaxed and can concentrate on the task at hand without back pain or shoulder tightness.

I thoroughly recommend the Gard Wheelie.

- Brian Evans

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