The Top 5 Reasons To Buy a Tonareli Fiberglass Violin Case

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Tonareli Green FIberglass Violin Case

#5 ColorsColors, and More Colors

Tonareli Fiberglass Violin Cases come in a wide variety of colors.  Instead of being lost in the sea of plain black cases, your case can stand out from the crowd, allowing you to easily find your case after rehearsal.  With thirteen differnt colors, inlcuding pink, lime,red,and blue you can easily find one that matches your style and personality.  

#4 Storage Space

The interior has plenty of room for small items including pencils, rosin, and a tuner.  The lid accommodates two bows.  Plus the Optional Music Bag attaches directly to the case so you can carry everything you need all together.

#3 Convenience

Weighing in at only 5 lbs.  The Tonareli Fiberglass Violin case is easy to carry all day long.  The built in leather handle give you a comfortable secure grip when traveling through the crowds to your destination.  Or carry it on you back with the included back pack straps

#2 Durability

Made from the higest quality materials, the Tonareli Fibergalss Violin Case is built to last.  The exterior features a scratch resistant finish, high quality hinges and latches, and a rugged leather handle making these case built to withstand the rigors of everyday use.  The plush lined interior with full suspension system protects your violin from Life's everyday bumps.  

#1 Price

Selling for only $189, Tonareli Fiberglass cases are easily one of the best values on the market.  Plus with Free Shipping in the USA and an additional 10% discount when you order from this value is even better.  Order yours today !

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