Sax Dakota - Do You Play Sax? 2014 Ad Campaign

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The 2014 ad campaign for Sax Dakota Saxophones is here!  

Sax Dakota has issued the challenge.  Discover the amazing sound and stunning finishes available only from Sax Dakota.  Like the All New SDT-XR-92 Tenor Saxophone in Raw Brass.  This sax is a departure from the standard all plated finishes, but still captures the sound and performance professional musicians like Richard Elliot have come to expect from Sax Dakota.

This finish is also available on the SDA-XR-82 Alto Saxophone.

Sax Dakota is still the industry leader in unconventional thinking.

With the SDAS-1020 Straight Alto Saxophone and the SDTS-1022 Straight Tenor Saxophone, you are sure to stand out from the crowd.  These unique looking instruments will have everyone talking not only about their looks but the sweet and robust sounds they produce.

Be sure to check out for the complete Sax Dakota line of saxophones.  And be sure to enter D10 in the coupon box at checkout to save an additional 10% off the already low every day price.

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