Phaeton XP20 Semi Professional Trumpet Demo Models

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We Just received two amazing trumpets in stock along with some other demo models.

The Phaeton XP series of semi professional trumpets offer almost all the same features as the standard Phaeton trumpets but at a more affordable price.

The XP series has the same:

  • Phaeton exclusive style bracing
  • Phaeton exclusive ergonomic 1st and 3rd valve slide finger hooks
  • Virgin Yellow Brass Bracing
  • .460" Bore
  • Mid weight solid brass mouthpiece receiver
  • Fast taper lead pipe
  • One piece Solid Brass Bell 126mm/ 4 7/8” w/soldered bell wire ring
  • Reverse tuning slide

That The standard Professional Phaeton trumpets have.

The XP series uses nickel silver hardware and stainless steel valves to make the Phaeton experience more affordable for students,amateurs, budding artists, and anyone on a budget.

These particular trumpet were used at a trade show. So it has some minor handling marks on the finish.

One trumpet has nickel silver hardware and shows a spot of lacquer wear on the 3rd valve slide. It has some minor imperctions in the finish from handling. Other wise this trumpet is in pristine condition

The second trumpet has a similar spot on the 3rd valve slide and handling marks on the finish. It also has brass valve caps instead of the normal nickel silver. However this one was damaged in shipping to the manufacturer' warehouse. the bell braces were slightly pushed into the bell. Phaeton's Chief Technician has repaired this damage. You can now only see what can be best described as a shadow around the 2 braces. THERE IS NO DENT. But since the metal was reshaped you can see an imperfection in the finish around the braces. ThIS does not effect the trumpet in any way. IN fact if we didn't point this out to you, you might not even notice it.

Phaeton's Chief Technician has completely inspected these trumpets. They have also been reinspected by a Hornsales' technician. Everything is in brand new condition except the minor imperfections in the finish. All valves and slides move smoothly. There are no dents or dings except where noted. There are no missing parts. These are brand new trumpets


They also come with a full manufacturer's warranty on parts and labor - just like any other brand new Phaeton trumpet we sell.

We have photographed the trumpets to the best of our ability. However some imperfections are impossible to photograph.

You can purchase these trumpet at an amazing discount!

Normally this model has a retail price of $1485.00 and sells for $1050.00

These demo model are selling for only $799.99 with FREE SHIPPING. That is a savings of over $250!

Buy The Phaeton XP20 Semi Professional Trumpet Demo Model With Nickel Hardware


The Phaeton XP20 Semi Professional Trumpet Demo Model With Brass Hardware

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