MR.TIM PRICE...tells us his 5 important steps to fully comprehend the "musical magic" of Dakota Straight Tenor and Alto Saxophones.

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MR.TIM PRICE...tells us his 5 important steps to fully comprehend the "musical magic" of Dakota Straight Tenor and Alto Saxophones.



The Sax Dakota Straight Tenor Saxophone … as well as the Straight Alto, offers pleasure plus a new agenda for your personal musical vision along with some fun!It will work its way very well into your playing style and preferred sound. The first thing to remember is to let the instrument be itself which will help you meet your musical objectives.

The Sax Dakota straight tenor saxophone completes the synergistic circle of sound to your personal agenda immediately. Since the tube of this unique saxophone is straight, the structure of its sound is organized, not only by the shape of the tube, but also by you, the player.

If you have a sonic agenda, and will quickly understand that you are now free to control this sound from your own perspective. This straight tenor is for the saxophonist who is looking to craft his or her own unique voice. The instrument is for players of all ages and styles who view sound and tonality to be the ultimate expression of one’s creativity.



Sax Dakota Straight Saxophones are for those discriminate players seeking out the ultimate in resonance and unique sound structure. The horn, on it’s own as a saxophone, will deliver warmth and expression for even the most discerning jazz or blues player in the most intimate acoustic setting or going ‘full tilt’ playing on a concert level.

I joined Sax Dakota with a specific goal, to carry a product message to interested saxophonists on every level out there who have not had the opportunity to play/see/experience these models. I was appointed to the position of Dakota Saxophone performing "spokesperson" for Straight Altos and Tenors Saxophones for a real purpose.

So that means… I am focusing on Dakota's emerging Straight Jazz Saxophone image in the marketplace for its performance as well as better defining this new sound. Being known for playing instruments like Saxello or “Stritch” for decades, as well as Jazz Bassoon and the “Nadaswaram”, an instrument from India that jazz legend Charlie Mariano helped me obtain during my Berklee days. I am a multi-woodwind player...who lives for the music. My passion is adding something to the music I adore and love in my heart: this position is a perfect place for my agenda… ‘The Music’.



From an instrumental point of view, we now have a saxophone that is exceptionally resonant and free-playing. It Projects extremely well with a full open sound and superior resonance with solid intonation. Pisoni/Milan, Italy, custom/professional pads are used exclusively. All Straight altos and tenors are designed with added stainless steel support rods with the left hand plateau mechanism carefully modified for the longer bell note rods.

Tone boosters are hardened/ plated steel for maximum personal sound projection. All pad cups are custom designed as “LOW PROFILE” for crisp ‘note to note’ speed plus full register impeccable intonation set-up. This guarantees available serious projection when needed. These unique cutting edge saxophones are products with extraordinary value and promise a unique tonal experience.

As I said before, this tenor is for the saxophonist who is looking to craft his or her own unique voice. The more you play it, the more you’ll realize what I mean.



Playing the Sax Dakota straight tenor for the first time is, to say the least, an unusual experience. The sound it produces is so unique it took me a few minutes to acclimate. It could also be an epiphany for you.

At first, I easily recognized the structure of the overtones. The sound is organized in a different manner and then, as I adjusted to the saxophone I was able to notice the wonderful complexity of the sound. Projection is never an issue at all with either saxophone. I played it in a larger blues band and found that it blends well and also carries accoustically in a large room. While performing with a larger jazz-jam band-swinging ensemble, it worked great with little amplification.

The projection of the sound is superb with just the right amount of resistance.



I then began to wonder how flexible this instrument would be, so I’ve been using it in solo, duo and softer jazz settings as well. I think the person who is searching for an intimate, feathery sound will immediately fall in love with the instrument. From my very first note, it was clear that these Sax Dakota straight tenor saxophones are a saxophone that’s just asking to be played. I hope you embrace my vision and interpretation.

A player’s greatest challenge as a saxophonist here is infinite. You’re going to have some serious fun. These instruments are worth waiting for! I hope my words help you all understand that a new world of beautiful visions musically is awaiting you out there with the Sax Dakota straight saxophones.

***Tim Price, ‘Spokesperson’ for Sax Dakota Straight tenor and alto saxophones.

Author’s note: Mr. Tim Price is also a recording artist, author, professional player who has played with everyone from Lew Tabackin to Lynyrd Skynyrd to name but a few. Tim is also a well established educator and clinician….respected worldwide.

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