Jakob WInter Green Line Case Now Available at Hornsales

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Who is Jakob WInters?

Jakob WInter Cases

Manufactory of fine cases for musical instruments

For more than 120 years Jakob Winter, the leading European manufacturer of cases for musical instruments, combines the best traditional craftsmanship and skill in working with different materials with the latest production technology. From handmade wooden cases to high-quality plastic cases to Greenline, our series of innovative cases made of natural fiber, we offer a unique variety to musicians.

Sophisticated cases for musical instruments of the highest quality

Cases for musical instruments must meet the highest standards. This is because, as a rule, the value of the content exceeds the value of the case by several orders of magnitude. For that reason, we produce in our German plants cases for musical instruments that fulfill the highest demands of professional musicians. At the same time, we make use of favorable location factors available at foreign production sites in order to be able to guarantee you high quality at reasonable prices for all our cases.

Quality cases for musical instrument from the leading German manufacturer

Independent from the choice of material, our musical instrument cases captivate by their extremely resistant shell structure. The low weight of our cases is completed by a sturdy handle and a comfortable backpack harness system. A strong cushioned suspension system and luxurious velvet protect the precious content. Quality locks ensure complete safety for the instrument.

Customer focus and service is important to us

As a German owner-operated company, we can always provide you with assistance and advice. We are glad to answer any questions regarding our products at any time. As far as feasible, we also repair musical instrument cases purchased from us. Moreover, should there be a complaint we try to solve this issue without red tape. Incidentally, your specialist dealer can order your “favorite case" for you on approval. This will give you the time to examine the case at the dealer before coming to a decision.

Therefore, thousands of musicians all over the world entrust their valuable instruments to the uncompromising quality of our cases, year after year.

What Are GreenLine cases?

Products made from natural fiber composites

Products made from natural fiber composites

From plant to finished product

Under the name GreenLine we produce molded components and lightweight panels made from natural fiber composites. Our close cooperation with leading German research institutions guarantees continuous advancement our competence in the processing of these eco-friendly materials.

Infinite variety of products in the range of natural fiber composites

Based on their versatility natural fiber composites can be used for the production of an endless variety of products. In particular, products made from conventional plastics or wood can usually be replaced by natural fiber composites or natural fiber reinforced plastics.

We produce components made from natural fiber composites by compression or injection molding.

Our natural fiber reinforced plastics are made from natural fibers (hemp and flax) as well as from plastics (PLA and PP) and additives. In this way, we utilize the positive characteristics of wood fiber and plastic in order to create a material with a property potential that combines the advantages of both raw materials.

The benefit in comparison to solid wood products is the molding ability, high resistance to humidity and the associated weather resistance of the material. Compared to pure plastic materials natural fiber reinforced plastics can be attractive due to their natural look, low specific weight and the combined mechanical properties of wood fibers and plastics.

Check Out The Full Line Available form Hornsales

Jakob Winter JW51025NB GreenLine Oblong Violin Case Black w/Accessory Pocket

Jakob Winter JW51025NB GreenLine Oblong Violin Case Grey w/Accessory Pocket

Jakob Winter JW52017 GreenLine Violin Case Grey w/ Blue Interior

Jakob Winter JW52017B GreenLine Violin Case BlackJakob Winter JW52017B GreenLine Violin Case Black

Jakob Winter JW53023N13 GreenLine Oblong Violin Case Black

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