David Perrico talks about the new Phaeton PHT-LV 1200 Las Vegas Model Professional Trumpet

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I was introduced to Pete LaPlaca and the Phaeton Brand by NYC trumpet master, Mac Gollehon in 2011. I was very impressed with the quality of the instruments and concepts, especially the PHT-2070 Rose Brass model with a Sterling Silver lead pipe.

From that point on, Pete and I developed a strong/viable working relationship while selling and promoting quite a few Phaeton horns to both artist friends and talented students. Soon after that I was honored to became an endorsing artist for Phaeton.

After some time performing on these outstanding Phaeton Trumpets and Flugelhorns ,I felt there was room in the Phaeton line for a breakthrough "commercial style" trumpet in the model lineup. Pete graciously agreed with my thoughts and then with a “fast forward” of 3 years working on a handful of prototypes, the Las Vegas model became a reality from concept to completion! I'm very excited and honored to work with Pete & Phaeton!

Working with Pete has been an incredible experience. His knowledge and expertise of many years in the industry speak for itself. He is dedicated to excellence and operates Phaeton with highest integrity! Moreover, as a manufacturer, Pete is always open to ideas and concepts which have led to the cutting edge with the most innovative designs making Phaeton a significant player in the music industry.

The Las Vegas model PHT-1200 by Phaeton designed by David Perrico. This horn was designed by me with Phaeton and was 3 years in the development stages until I was able to sign off on the first pre-production model during the Summer of 2016.

The horn has a unique large conical bore design, bracing, and material. All of which resulting in superb response, tone, projection, slotting, intonation & power plus controlled volume and range. It was designed to meet the demand of the commercial trumpet player as a ‘lightweight’ horn used on the Las Vegas music arena scene. In the sense that as trumpet player one is in many different playing scenarios. It is the "Right Hammer” for all Gigs……Orchestra, Symphony, Jazz, Classical, Rock….all genres.

Moreover, the horn is designed to excel in the performance environments unique to LAS

VEGAS….. large stages, huge concert halls, lounges, ballrooms and also outdoor venues.

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